Developing transformational leadership for social change

In an era of cost-cutting, pressure to 'innovate', with little or no change in levels of disadvantage, a different approach to leadership thinking and practice is required. The traditional model of hierarchical or silo-ed leadership is failing to address the complexities and social challenges of today’s world and the realities of many work places. A new leadership practice is critical: The Adaptive Practice.

The Adaptive Practice works with individuals and organisations across all sectors who are trying to make social or cultural change - government, business, for-purpose or incubator groups, and community organisations. Using our unique methodology we can help you find new ideas, strategies, practices, and offer support, by encouraging alternative responses outside of what's familiar and known - cutting a pathway to true change.

The Adaptive Practice is one of the few organisations specialising in this approach. Based on decades of research and practice at Harvard University by Dr. Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky, the pioneers of the adaptive leadership model, the adaptive leadership approach helps organisations and individuals adapt and thrive in challenging environments by working with a framework and practice that helps you diagnose, disrupt, and innovate - finding individual and collective understanding and meaning around change along the way.  The Adaptive Practice combinesadaptive leadership with world class theory and practice in Systems Thinking; Collective Impact framework; Process Work Psychology; Deep Democracy along with two decades of leadership experience in social change.

Liz Skelton is a distinguished leadership consultant and trainer who has command of a significant body of knowledge around Adaptive Leadership, which can benefit individuals and organizations in Australia and around the globe.
— Marty Linsky, Co-Founder & Principal of Cambridge Leadership Associates, USA


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