The essence of Liz’s work in leadership development is in leading organisations and communities to themselves, to find the opportunity with the many seen (and unseen) resources we have at our disposal. Liz has a great ability to help people and organisations find this way forward for themselves and often through quite complex and conflicted circumstances. This is a rare talent and one much needed as we strive to navigate many perplexing challenges.
— Doug Taylor, Director for Strategic Engagement at UnitingCare NSW & ACT

The Adaptive Practice specialises in building the capability of organisations, communities and individuals to realise their purpose and impact, whilst tackling their toughest challenges.  We design and implement strategic capacity building solutions to help organisations adapt by working together with diverse stakeholders, interests, values and agendas.

We do this by building the whole systems  ‘leadership capacity’ to disrupt and shift established ways of working (or the entrenched ways of doing things). Our approach is based on over a decade of working with leading change agents across all sectors and two decades leading for social purpose.

We are experts in:

  • Helping organisations and communities to work collaboratively to design, develop and implement innovative solutions for social change
  • Supporting cross-sector initiatives working towards collective impact
  • Working with diverse agendas across business, government and community sectors to take action on social change
  • Supporting cross-cultural initiatives to build their capability in collaborating for innovation.
  • Designing leadership solutions to meet strategic challenges.


  • Designing and delivering long-term strategies to facilitate adaptive change
  • Collaborative leadership capacity building
  • Strategic consulting to leadership and executive teams
  • Coaching for leadership teams and executives.
  • Keynote presentations - Watch Liz Skelton presenting on Adaptive Leadership


Liz ‘s wisdom and patience helped a diverse group of local Council service managers collaborate and resolve a shared vision and key outcome statements. Her humour and her ability to elicit honesty and clarity for the workshop participants have placed us in an excellent position to take some far reaching, difficult but exciting decisions that will benefit the residents and local communities of our LGA”
— Gary Moore, Manager, Social & Comm.Services. Parramatta City Council.

Scenario #1

Working with the  Director of a local government department in an area going through rapid change and growth.  He can see potential for his division to have more collective positive social impact in the community by integrating many of their efforts. 

Scenario #2

Jennifer is CEO of a local health service.  She has a strong management team but there is underlying conflict within the team.  At the same as her internal problems, her industry is going through big changes around cost-cutting with a focus on person-centered service delivery. They are also seeking to collaborate with other services in the area that they have previously competed with. 

Scenario #3

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity, entrenched disadvantage in their area, a group of concerned residents come together with local community organisations and government representatives to try and work out some new solutions to long standing problems.  Despite an abundance of goodwill and resources they struggle to work together in new ways.


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